About the Edmonton City as Museum Project

Simply put, the Edmonton City As Museum Project website exists to tell the best stories Edmonton has to offer, from the perspective of Edmontonians.

That’s its number one goal. It has a secondary goal which is almost as important, and which has been outlined in hundreds of meetings and position papers for nearly half a century, but boils down to this: Edmonton needs a place, a physical place, to house its best stories. A city museum is something that has been just over the horizon for a long time, and we hope that by beginning to gather the stories a city museum will tell, momentum will build until the populace rises up and demands their stories find the home they deserve.

That’s the hope. But, until the day citizens take to the streets to demand a radical expansion to the city’s heritage holdings, ECAMP will be the home to the best stories that ever happened in this plucky, northern city.

And, one day, we’ll welcome you to a beautiful city museum that tells the story of us.


ECAMP presents a number of tours, speakers and workshops throughout the year.

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