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Edmonton’s City Council

Over the years Edmonton has had its fair share of city councillors. Explore the collection and learn more about the interesting people who have served on City Council.

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ECAMP stories explore the People, Places, Things, & Moments significant to our city from the perspectives of Edmontonians. Delve into these curated story collections to discover more about the history of this place.

Edmonton’s City Council

Over the years Edmonton has had its fair share of city councillors. Explore the collection and learn more about the interesting people who have served on City Council.

A Black Presence in Alberta

The collection is ongoing as we continue to find ways to examine, discuss, share, celebrate, amplify, and challenge our understandings of race, racialization, and racial identity situated for over 150 years of colonial Canadian histories.

Islamic Heritage

Beginning in the late 1800s, Muslims first started to immigrate to Canada from the Turkish Empire. In 1938 the first Mosque in Canada was built right here in Edmonton and many Muslims made their home here. In this collection you will find stories about some of the people and places important to Muslim communities in Edmonton.

After the Pisces Bathhouse Raid: A Reflection on the 40th Anniversary

Early in the morning on May 30, 1981, the Pisces Health Spa was raided by RCMP and Edmonton Police. Fifty-six men were arrested for being “found-ins” in a “common bawdy house,” and three were charged with being “keepers of a common bawdy house.” The subsequent court proceedings, media coverage, and ensuing activism had an enormous impact on Edmonton’s LGBTQ2S+ community and the individuals involved.

On the 40th anniversary of the raid, award-winning playwright, author, and LGBTQ historian Darrin Hagen reflects on the event and captures the emotional personal stories of some of the men involved.

Jane’s Walk 2021: Neighbourhood Histories

History isn’t something that exists somewhere else or “over there” or only in the middle of the city. You can find history in the places you pass by every day! Grab your bike, car or walking shoes and discover some history in your own neighbourhood! Explore a map of these stories here.

EDHS Doors Open 2021: School Namesakes & Histories

Namesakes hold pieces of history and speak to the values of the society that bestowed those names at that particular time.  Learn about Dr. Anne Anderson and her mission to preserve the Cree language, Hilwie Hamdon and her efforts to establish the first mosque in Canada in 1938, Thelma Chalifoux who was the first Métis woman appointed to the Senate, and more. Explore a map of these stories here.

Navigating Our Climate: Outdoor Recreation in YEG

Despite the (at times) harsh environment, Edmontonians have found unique ways to experience the outdoors. In this featured collection, peruse stories about winter mountaineering, skiing, hockey, summer river cruises, and picnics.  

Queer Histories

In this featured collection, explore aspects of Edmonton’s LGBTQ2S+ history such as nightlife, community, protectionism, historic events & pride.

Edmonton's Old City Hall

Down & Gone

Edmonton has a history of tearing things down to make way for something new, be it city hall, historical homes, or even a lake! In this featured collection, explore some local places lost to “progress” and discover their significance to the history of this place.

Festival City

Perhaps it’s the climate or maybe it’s the community, but Edmonton hosts over 50 festivals every year! In this collection, uncover the histories behind these annual events and explore their significance to Edmonton. 

Women’s Histories

The perspectives and stories of women have often been downplayed or excluded from representations of history. In this collection, discover parts of Edmonton’s “her-story” by exploring the stories of women. 

Indigenous Perspectives

Indigenous Peoples have lived, travelled, and cared for the land now known as Edmonton since time immemorial. Their deep seated past and resiliency continues to shape the history of this place. In this collection, uncover Indigenous perspectives historically excluded from the story of Edmonton. 

Childhood Experiences

The children may be our future, but they’ve also shaped the past. Discover more about the history of this place through reflections on growing up in Edmonton. 

There Were No Safety Nets: Edmonton’s Italian Community

“When immigrants arrived in Alberta, they found no Italian societies to ease their way.” Explore the people, places, and motions that were at the heart of Italian immigrants finding a foothold in Alberta and Edmonton.

Edmonton: A World Class Dump

“Waste may be as old as humanity, but the idea of trash is a relatively modern concept.” Dig into the story of Edmonton’s development through the lens of its evolving ideas about garbage.

The Arts in Edmonton

Whether it’s music, visual arts, theatre, or publishing, the Arts & artists play a central role in the history and community of Edmonton.  

The History Behind the Name

Place names are anchors to history that reflect the values & aspirations of the society who bestowed those names. But, sometimes, place names become separated from the history of their namesakes.  In this collection, discover the histories behind some of Edmonton’s provocative and problematic place names.