Thank You

There is a long list of people without whom the Edmonton City as Museum Project would not be possible. From the very bottom of our history loving hears, we would like to thank all of our donors, volunteers and contributors for helping make ECAMP what it is today.

If you would like to donate to ECAMP, get involved as a volunteer or contribute your Edmonton history story, please get in touch at

ECAMP Contributors

Tracey L. Anderson
Jamie Ausmus
Bryan Birtles
Claudia Bustos
Laurie Callisen
Jenna Chalfoux
Bruce Cinnamon
Lori Clark
Neil Cramer
Dr. Russell Cobb
Dawn Saunders Dahl
Adriana A. Davies
Peggy Donnelly
Rob Drinkwater
Jannie Edwards
Shaylene Flanagan
Frank Florian
Wendy Gervais
Paul Giang
Jane Gibson
Amrita Gill
Christina Hardie
Lawrence Herzog
Victoria Holota
Rob Houle
Mayor Don Iveson
Shannon Kern
Katherine Koller
Kristine Kowalchuk
Rhonda Kronky
Bryan Kulba
Andres Lalama
Tom Long
Kathryn Maclean
Ester Malzahn
Lauren Markewicz
Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail
Moly Milosovic
Robert Morrison
Eden Munro
Tim O’Grady
Michael Phair
Mary Pinkoski
Dr. Gregory Ramshaw
Paulina Retamales
PearlAnn Reichwein
Paulina Retamales
Mike Ross
Dawn Saunders-Dahl
Sally Scott
Mike Siek
Sam Singh
Gareth Spicer
Shelley Switzer
Brendan Thompson
Natalie Zacharewski
Tai Ziola

Museum Strategies Sub-Committee

Marian Bruin
Marilyn Hussey
Kathryn Ivany
Beverly Lemire
Terry O’Riordan
Michael Phair
Carolee Pollock
Louise Reimer
Jane Ross
Virginia Stephen
Gord Stewart
Kyla Tichkowsky

Spaces/Places Brainstorming Group

Stephanie Chai
Christina Hardie
Linda Hut
Catherine Kuzik
Erika Luckert
Ester Malzahn
Catherine Szabo
Toscha Turner

Curiosities Bus Tour Brainstorming Group

Catherine Behl
Bruce Cinnamon
Christina Hardie
Daniel Rose