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And Still We Rise: A Black Presence in Alberta, late 1800s to 1970s

In this exhibit, explore the formation of Alberta’s Black communities from the late 1800s through to the early 1970s. Although Blacks encountered racism in Alberta they were also active and assertive in challenging such instances.

Armistice 100: Edmonton & The First World War

When war was declared on August 4, 1914, Edmontonians rushed to join up.

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An ECAMP Podcast bonus episode produced by Alberta Labour History Institute with the support of Edmonton Heritage Council is now available wherever you get your podcasts, having premiered on December 10 (Human Rights Day).

Find out more about the Vriend case and the making of this bonus episode here!

Without Discrimination: The Delwin Vriend Case, covering the landmark court case Vriend vs. Alberta and its wide-reaching implications (legal, societal, and personal), is now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music/Audible, Stitcher, and Libsyn.

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Grant funding from the Edmonton Heritage Council’s FIRE (Funding Indigenous Resurgence in Edmonton) are starting up again for 2022!

Read about a 2021 Grant Recipient on our Curator’s Blog here, and find out more about the funding opportunities!

STORIES Collections in development

A Black Presence in Alberta

The collection hosts ongoing work and welcomes contributions through community voices and work.

Join us as we continue to find ways to examine, discuss, share, celebrate, and amplify Black voices in order to learn and challenge our understandings of race, racialization, and racial identity in the context of colonial Canadian histories.

Make sure to check out our Virtual Exhibit And Still We Rise: A Black Presence in Alberta

Women’s Histories

The perspectives and stories of women have often been downplayed or excluded from representations of history. In this collection, discover parts of Edmonton’s heritage history by exploring the stories of women. 

We continue to learn and grow together as we build this collection to better amplify the voices and stories of diverse women.