My great great uncle is Colonel Charles Yardley Weaver

by Colin Bennett

My great great uncle is Colonel Charles Yardley Weaver. He was one of four brothers who immigrated to Canada as Barr Colonists in the early 1900s. Leigh, Yardley, Robert (my great grandfather) and Frank — homesteaded south of Mannville, Alberta (where I was born). I have researched Yardley extensively. The first time he assumed command of the 49th was at Sanctuary Wood in 1916. He was 32 years old and led them in counter attack to regain positions lost to the Germans in a horrendous battle. In 1916 the 49th lost over 900 men killed or wounded. They then regrouped and in April 1917 entered the lines at Vimy. Yardley Weaver was severely wounded at both Sanctuary Wood and Vimy. He assumed command in July 1918 and won the DSO while in command at the Battle of the Scarpe. I take it very seriously that his legacy not be forgotten. His great nephew, Barry Weaver was part of the ownership group of the Edmonton Oilers. His company Skyreach Equipment held the naming rights to Skyreach Centre. An amazing story in my mind. Thank you.