My great-grandad, N. Galipeau

My great-grandad, N. Galipeau, known to us as “Pop” served in W.W.I. Taking part with his comrades in the trenches he convinced the Regiment to pull him off the front lines and trenches because of his valuable pre-war experience as a logging camp cook, capable of cooking for hundreds. Near the end of the war, after Vimy, “Pop” was assigned detail to escort a column of German prisoners. The cheering townsfolk shouted encouragement to the Canadian troops. “Pop” replied with the only word in French he knew – “Fromage”! he heartily shouted to the puzzled townsfolk. “Pop” lived to a ripe old age – and unlike some, perfectly mentally sound, and sound in body. He is buried in Wainwright. His son, my great-uncle John Galipeau, went on to serve with the South Alberta Regiment, the 29thRECCE and wrote a book with Pattie Whitehouse called, “PEEWEES – on Parade”.

Bill Damur, EDM.