My Grandfather, William R. Lord

My Grandfather, William R. Lord, enlisted in Vancouver on June 15/15. Assigned to PPCLI (Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry) on Sept 1/15. He was a LCol in the McGill University 259th. Wounded on June 2/16 in the battle at Mont Sorrel. Did not return to active duty.

His older brother, Fred M Lord, enlisted in early 1916 and was assigned to 4th University Company. He joined the PPCLI on May 14/16 and was wounded on July 7/16.

Younger brother, Arthur E Lord, enlisted Sept 1/16 in the 196th Battalion – Western University Battalion (?). On Feb 2/17 assigned to the 46th Battalion – Saskatchewan in the 12th Brigade. Fought at Vimy Ridge on “The Pimple”. Wounded at Lens on June 1/17 and was discharged in early 1918.