My Grandfather Private Ronald Edwin Smith

My Grandfather Private Ronald Edwin Smith 446585 Served in the 31 st Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force.

He lived in Ramsbury Wiltshire England. He emigrated to Canada in 1912 joined the 56th Battalion C.E.F. in 1915 .

Ronald had 8 brothers who all joined various regiments in England sadly 3 of his brothers died.

Once in France he joined the 31st Battalion were he remained throughout the war.

Ronald went missing at Courcelette and was wounded at Amiens.

He left the army in 1919 and sailed back to England. Married in 1920 to Dorothy.

My Grandfather died in Devizes Wiltshire England in 1962.

I never met my Grandfather but will never forget what he and millions of other brave men did for our country.

Mark Smith