My grandfather Peter (Bumpy) Watt

My grandfather Peter Watt known to us as Bumpy, was in, or very shortly before, the train station in London, England at the time of this bombing. My Grandma, Nellie Watt, received a telegram that her husband was missing in action because his jacket was found in the wreckage of the London, England train station bombing. She was at home in Winnipeg with their three kids. The stories from my mom are that this time was very tough for Grandma. Of course, she was very worried. Six weeks would pass until Grandma got news that Peter was alive and had only left his military jacket in the train station. Luckily, my Bumpy came home from World War 2. My mom and Auntie Dawn were born after the war in 1946 and 1948. Bumpy died when I was in Grade 6 so I was too young to ask questions then. My mom used to have nightmares as a kid about her dad in the war. I know the war affected Bumpy, I just don’t know in which ways and to what level. He was an infantry man, Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry to be exact. I’m proud of Bumpy. He was a tough old man when I knew him but with a gentle side for us kids. I remember. I am thankful to be a Canadian. Thankful for the safety and freedoms I have today. I’m thankful for all the Canadians who have fought, and worked in our military. Thank you for your service.

Submitted by Tracy Cumming