Both my Grandfathers fought at Vimy Ridge

by Regan Pinkoski

Lionel Chartrand

Lionel Chartrand joined the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. On his attestation paper, it says Lionel is 18 years old. Before enlisting Lionel was a Telegraph Operator and belonged to Active Militia, 8th Regiment Royal Rifles. He is now buried in the Veteran’s section of Mont Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec. Some time later, after returning home, Lionel died of war wounds. Sadly I never got to meet him.

Andrew Gilmour McCaughey

Andrew Gilmour McCaughey joined the Canadian Infantry,73rd Battalion of Montreal. On his attestation paper, it says Andrew is 20 years old. Before enlisting Grandpa was a cabinet maker. Grandpa was awarded a Military Medal for his service. He died at 83 years old and he is buried in the family plot at Mont Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec. Grandpa, we will always miss you and your cheerful soul!

My Grandfather, Andrew Gilmour McCaughey, was a member of the Black Watch regiment (Royal Highlanders of Canada) at Vimy Ridge. Translation of the Latin inscription on the pin is below:
Nemo me impune lacessit: no one threatens me with impunity.