River Crossing Pop-up Museum

The City of Edmonton and Edmonton City as Museum Project are partnering to explore one of our city’s most historically significant locations. Come down this Sunday for the River Crossing Pop-Up Museum to learn more about the history of the West Rossdale area while sharing your connection to this meaningful place.


River Crossing Pop-up Museum

Sunday, July 24th 2016

Sunday, July 24
12 pm – 4 pm
Rossdale Community Hall
96 Avenue)
Free BBQ provided by Fat Franks

River Crossing (West Rossdale) is at the heart of our city. It is a place that is historically and culturally significant for many people, and where the history is long, layered, and deep. It is a site that has been at the heart of trade, travel, kinship, spirituality, community, and culture for thousands of years.

The Pop-Up Museum will be an interactive opportunity to not only learn more about this past, but to also share your connection to this place. Attendees who have a photo or item related to the area are encouraged to bring the items to be shared and documented at the event.

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