Conference Feature

Thanks for visiting our booth at the National Queer and Trans+ Community History Conference.


Delwin Vriend speaking at the rally at the Alberta Legislature celebrating the Supreme Court decision. (Photo credit: J. Kolmes)

This ECAMP Podcast special details what happened when Delwin Vriend was thrust into the spotlight as a result of his 1991 dismissal from The King’s College in Edmonton.

Without Discrimination: The Delwin Vriend Case, as told in large part by those with a personal connection to the case, is an historically significant story of one man’s determination coupled with the powerful support of a diverse and equally determined community.

Do you have stories to share about our queer history?

Are you interested in the history of this place? Do you enjoy writing, researching, or storytelling? Is there a story from our city’s past or your past in the city that you want to share? Then this series of workshops is for you!

Edmonton City as Museum Project (ECAMP), a multi-platform initiative of Edmonton Heritage Council (EHC), is piloting a new Youth Writing Workshop aimed at aspiring heritage/history writers aged 18-24 and/ or currently completing an undergraduate degree.

This free workshop will help participants find topics to write about and guide them through story development (including fun and informative field trips).

By the end of the workshop series, participants will have created work suitable for publications on the ECAMP website. If your piece is published, you will be paid!

Deadline to Apply: May 20, 2024.