Black History in Edmonton

This year, the City of Edmonton, Africa Centre, Edmonton Community Foundation, and Edmonton Heritage Council partnered to provide resources to amplify and support the efforts of organizations that work to uplift Black communities.

The Anti-Black Racism Plan recommended that the City of Edmonton work with community to institutionalize the month-long commemoration of Black History Month. Black History Month is a special moment for Edmonton, recognizing the legacy of African, Caribbean, and Black Canadians and their communities in our city.

The Africa Centre, on behalf of community, and Edmonton Heritage Council, on behalf of the City, were tasked with leading the initiative, given their mandates and the support provided to them from Edmontonians. Resources from the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Community Foundation and the Edmonton Heritage Council were pooled to create a sponsorship fund of $70,000 for Black History Month related initiatives. Through this funding, 15 organizations will be able to host events that empower Black communities.

To learn more about the projects funded through the Black History Month iniative, please visit
the National Black Coalition of Canada Society website to view the full calendar
and sign up for upcoming Black History Month events!

The Edmonton Heritage Council and ECAMP remain committed to continue the ongoing work to document, share, celebrate, and challenge the narratives surrounding Black communities since the 1800s in Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada.

This visual map shows some of the pasts funded initiatives related to Black and African Descent Communities in Edmonton. These include virtual exhibits, documentaries, podcasts, stories, and other projects that demonstrate the diverse heritage of our City.

In particular, And Still We Rise: A Black Presence in Alberta and Edmonton Living Rooms provide photo-rich interactive exhibits with video clips along with accessible and extensively researched text. Download the new Black History in Edmonton PDF for a small sample of the EHC-supported programming that enriches our city in February and throughout the year.