Edmonton Maps Heritage

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Edmonton Maps Heritage is a project of the Edmonton Heritage Council (EHC). EHC is a non-profit and charitable organization that supports and promotes heritage and culture in the City of Edmonton. 

EHC is working to reposition heritage as a vital, engaging and forward-looking aspect of local and civic life that clearly connects to contemporary discussion and issues.

The name of the project, Edmonton Maps Heritage, indicates a collective, active and ongoing “mapping” of the city’s heritage. It anticipates broader public involvement in continually adding more content on Edmonton’s experience and culture, historically, culturally and artistically. We hope that users will connect with the site visually and functionally, but above all, find that the content enriches their sense of their city and community.

The first phase of this online map is being done in partnership with the Edmonton Historic Board and the City of Edmonton Archives and aims to connect people with useful and engaging information on some of Edmonton important and interesting heritage buildings and sites, as well as links to local museums, archives and heritage organizations.

Partners & Contributors

Edmonton Heritage Council is pleased to work with the Edmonton Historical Board as a partner in the first phase of Edmonton Maps Heritage.

The EHC also recognizes the significant contributions and support of:

City of Edmonton Archives – Kathryn Ivany and Paula Aurini-Onderwater

City of Edmonton Historic Resources Management Program – Robert Geldart and David Holdsworth

Historic Places Designation Program (Alberta Culture and Community Spirit) – Matthew Wangler

Banner illustration by Jason Blower.