2024 Call for Stories

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This year’s theme: Work

Are you interested in the history of this place? Do you enjoy writing, researching, or storytelling? Is there a story from our city’s past or your past in the city that you want to share? Then contribute your local history or heritage story to the Edmonton City as Museum Project (ECAMP)!

ECAMP is an initiative of the Edmonton Heritage Council that explores our city’s history and heritage through story. We share stories about the People, Places, Things, and Moments significant to the history of Edmonton and Edmontonians. ECAMP is looking for new stories for our online collection. Writers will be paid for their work.

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What kinds of stories?
This time around, ECAMP is particularly interested in stories told through the lens of work. For example:

  • Stories of building and rebuilding
    Tell us about the work that went into starting the first Tae Kwon Do club in your part of the city, or what your grandma’s job was like at the local jeans factory, or about people keeping an Indigenous language alive.
  • Undertold stories about labour
    We’re interested in stories that reveal unseen work – whether it’s organized labour or not, big or little jobs, domestic or paid work. What stories do you wish people knew about the construction workers who built a local landmark, or how childbirth and delivery changed after World War II, or the late-night conversations your parents had about whether to vote to strike?
  • Stories about preservation, loss, disaster, and legacy
    Maybe that’s the work that went into saving a local wetland, or passing down a cultural organization to the next generation, or how people held on after a fire struck.

Some examples of previous ECAMP stories:

Who can contribute to ECAMP?
ECAMP explores the multifaceted history and cultural heritage of Edmonton from the perspectives of Edmontonians. Anyone with interest or experience in writing, researching, storytelling, history or cultural heritage is encouraged to contribute. We welcome both seasoned and emerging writers & researchers.

For 2024, priority will be given to stories and writers historically excluded from representations of Edmonton’s past, such as Indigenous and racialized peoples, queer community members, and later twentieth-century newcomers.

What are the expectations?
Stories should be between 800 – 1200 words (not including citations or footnotes). Stories should generally be one-off articles, but might make sense as a series of posts exploring a single topic or theme. Your application can include pitches for up to 5 stories relevant to Edmonton’s history and cultural heritage, with the understanding that it’s possible that only 1 or 2 might be selected.

The more specific your idea is, the better. Often the story of one important moment or person can help a reader understand a larger picture. The ECAMP Coordinator is available to help develop story ideas and provide advice throughout the process. Please reach out if you want help brainstorming! Before publication, stories will be reviewed by the ECAMP team and an editor.

Each story includes at least five images, including a large, eye-catching header image. Images can be personal photos, or archival photos from museums and archives. ECAMP will cover fees for archival images. Stories can contain embedded audio and video content, as long as writers have written permission to share it.

Payment takes place after the final draft has been submitted, at a rate of $625 per story.

How to Apply
Applications can be submitted between June 13 and July 29, 2024 at 11:59 PM (deadline has been extended). We accept applications in a variety of formats (written submissions, audio or video recordings, virtual or in-person pitches.) Written submissions should be 1-3 pages long, submitted as a single PDF. Recorded submissions or in-person/virtual pitches should be 5-15 minutes long.

Send submissions or questions to:
Chris Chang-Yen Phillips
ECAMP Coordinator
Edmonton Heritage Council
780-498-0361, ext. 223

Applications should include:

  • Your contact information (email address, mailing address, & phone number)
  • A brief description of your writing, researching, or storytelling experience (maximum 100 words)
  • A description of why you are the best person to tell this ECAMP story (maximum 100 words)
  • A brief description of the stories you would like to share, for example:
    • Nellie Mildred Carlson – a founding member and first president of Indian Rights for Indian Women, fought the federal government so that Indigenous women who married non-status Indian men could retain their First Nations status.
  • A description of why this story is important to the history & cultural heritage of this place
  • If this is your first time writing for ECAMP and youve previously published your writing in any format, send a short sample or link (maximum 1500 words)

Download a copy of the 2024 Call for Stories