McKernan’s Lost Lake

Katherine Koller

…Bark Ging Wong, in response to “Early Market Gardens in Edmonton” also by Katherine Koller, published in 2021. Katherine Koller ©2016 Works Cited: Broadus, Edmund Kemper. Saturday and Sunday. Toronto:…

The Year of the Alaska Highway: 1942

Katherine Koller

…and W.R. Morrison. The Alaska Highway in World War II. Norman, OK: U of Oklahoma Press, 1992. MacGregor, J.G. Edmonton: A History. Edmonton: Hurtig Publishers, 1967. © 2016 Katherine Koller

The Last Edmonton Coal Mine: Whitemud Creek

Katherine Koller

…over. The closure of the Whitemud Creek Coal Mine in 1970 marked the end of underground coal mining in Edmonton. Katherine Koller © 2020 Whitemud Creek Park looking west. Whitemud…

Early Market Gardens in Edmonton

Katherine Koller

…Edmonton. Katherine Koller © 2021 Vegetable stall at City market square, 1925. Image courtesy of the City of Edmonton Archives, EA-122-66. Works Cited A Century of Gardening in Edmonton. Edmonton:…

An Important Update from the Edmonton City as Museum Project

The ECAMP Team

…Some 2016 highlights: 51 new weekly ECAMP stories from 27 seasoned and emerging writers. ECAMP’s most-viewed stories in 2016? #1: McKernan’s Lost Lake by Katherine Koller #2: There Were No Safety Nets:…

City as Arboretum

Dustin Bajer

…Local historian and author of Why Grow Here: Essays on Edmonton’s Gardening History, Katherine Chase Merritt estimates that at least fifteen Chinese-run market gardens once dotted the City, including sites at…