Champion Junior League High School basketball champions, 1929-30. B. Clarke, K. Hay, J. Cameron, M. Gayler, M. Goldsworthy, N. McDonald, Miss Ewing (coach), N. Hay and E. Ramsay. Edmonton Public Schools Archives, P85.2.9.

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The High Level Bridge at 100

Lawrence Herzog

It wasn’t fancy, but it was strong and structural, with 17.2 million pounds of steel held together with 1.4 million…

The Studhorse Man and the High Level Bridge

Jannie Edwards

In 1969, my first year of university, I was finally free of the social girdle of my small prairie town….

Westmount School

Lawrence Herzog

Built on land that was part of the old Norris farm and purchased from the family for $3,200 in July…