Photos: City of Edmonton Archives, EA-160-325; METS Exhibit 35, courtesy of the City of Edmonton Archives G.P. 918 1969 Dec O/S; City of Edmonton Archives, A98-55.

ECAMP Podcast

These are the stories of the people, places, things and moments that make Edmonton what it is. In each 10-minute episode, we take a chapter from Edmonton’s past and discuss how it fits into the city’s story—with contributions from local historians, professors, enthusiasts and more!


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The latest tales…

Restauranteur Sid Estrin prided himself in coupling remarkable music with amazing food at The Hotbox. And downstairs from Sid’s eatery on Jasper Avenue, a legendary gay nightclub that former city councillor Michael Phair remembers as the Studio 54 of the Prairies.

Alberta’s capital city was once completely underwater. Host Sarah Hoyles takes us back—wayyy back—to a time when Edmonton sat at the bottom of an unfathomably large lake, and discovers where all that water went.

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