Photos: City of Edmonton Archives, EA-160-325; METS Exhibit 35, courtesy of the City of Edmonton Archives G.P. 918 1969 Dec O/S; City of Edmonton Archives, A98-55.

ECAMP Podcast

These are the stories of the people, places, things and moments that make Edmonton what it is. In each 10-minute episode, we take a chapter from Edmonton’s past and discuss how it fits into the city’s story—with contributions from local historians, professors, enthusiasts and more!


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The latest tales…

Historian Kathryn Chase Merrett tells of the colourful history and pungent aroma of the City Market. Imagine open stalls of produce, fresh meat, and everything farmer’s could bring to the centre of town. First located on the south end of today’s Winston Churchill Square, the Edmonton Public library eventually took over the spot in 1967, but the memories remain…

A mural in the Grandin LRT Station was meant to tell the story of a man but it inadvertently acted a reminder of the oppression of an entire group of people. We find out the history of the mural, the pain it caused and the healing that came from it.

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