Contribute to ECAMP

The Edmonton City as Museum Project is always looking for new stories, anecdotes, photos, videos and even audio for inclusion on the site. If you’ve got something to say or something to contribute, we want to hear about it.

Some examples of what we’re looking for?

We seek stories about our People—like a local hero has inspired you, for example, or how an Edmontonian that has changed the world, however big or small.

We seek to share stories of our Places. Where do you go in Edmonton to recharge? What local place do you miss? What are your neighbourhood’s myths?

We seek to capture our memorable Moments—both historical and personal. Moments that have defined Edmonton or, even better, helped you define yourself as an Edmontonian.

We seek tales of unique Things related to the city—the classic props to Edmonton’s narrative, if you will. The types of things that would be essential to any future city museum.

We want stories about your experiences in this city. We aim for a tone that’s irreverent but filled with love for Edmonton. We’re not sycophants, nor are we cynics: we’re in that Edmontonian sweet spot. It’d be totally awesome if you were too.

Please send story ideas, photos, links and all manner of correspondence through this form or email Even if its just the germ of an idea, we want to hear it: we can help shape your idea into something on the site—and we’re happy to!

Want to contribute to ECAMP in another way? We’re always on the lookout for volunteers for our events. Email for more information.